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Great Lyrics Are Not Written !!!

   Great lyrics are re-written ...

... and re-written ...

... and re-written ...

... and re-written ...

... and re-written ...


... until every line clearly delivers the information

 required for the story to be instantly understood

 by anyone who reads or hears the lyrics.



Why ?



Because, the writers who are responsible for great lyrics,

do not just settle for the almost-right words.


 They keep looking for the right words,

until all the words are right.


Mark Twain once said that

 the difference between the right word,

and the almost-right word, is the same as the

 difference between lightning and a lightning bug.











Many writers are either too lazy to take the time required

to find the right words, or are in too much of a hurry.



In either case, they pretend

that they have found all the right words,

 and prematurely declare their lyrics complete.



By the time most writers think that their lyrics are complete,

they have lost what little objectivity

they claimed to have had when they started.



As a result, they present their songs, with unfinished lyrics,

for review to people who may or may not know

 what songs with finished lyrics even sound like. 



The worst part is that the people reviewing the songs,

with unfinished lyrics, usually,

don't have the courage to tell the writers the truth,

if, in fact, they actually know the truth.



Sadly, the writers continue to present their songs,

with unfinished lyrics, and continue to think

that their lyrics are flawlessly complete.



Eventually, most writers arrange to have their songs,

 with unfinished lyrics, recorded independently.


Why ?


Because not one of the people who reviewed the songs,

with unfinished lyrics, offered to become financially involved

  with the songs, or the writers.










The Painful Reality



There is nothing worse than hearing the truth about songs,

with unfinished lyrics, until after they have been recorded.



But yet, it happens all the time.  It is painfully common.

Turn on your radio, and listen for yourself !!!



Some Of The Best Lyrics Ever Written

Contain A Few

Very Regrettable Lines

Mixed In With The

Many Unforgettable Lines.



Why ?



The Writers Did Not Recognize

 The Regrettable Lines

   Until It Was Too Late.



Why ?



No One Told Them The Truth.



Why ?



No One Will Ever Know.










If You Place Your Pride Aside,

You Can Avoid The Same Painful Fate.

 How ?

By Sending Us Your Lyrics To Review.


We Tell The Truth !!!

In Fact, That Is All We Do.


When we review lyrics, we go out of our way to look

for problems.  Our purpose is to tear lyrics apart.


We identify the weak lines or phrases before

you have a chance to regret them.


If you are about to present, or record your songs,

you owe it to your career

to try our service, at least once. 


We offer constructive criticism and realistic solutions

to any of your artistic problems, on a per-lyric basis.


We charge a reasonable fee for our service.

No surprises !!!  No strings attached !!!


  Our Client List Is Confidential. 




So, all we can say about our clients

is that they range from the unknowns to the well-knowns.


We are proud to say that most of the serious writers

who try our service ... keep on using our service.


How Much Is The Truth

Worth To You ?










Regardless Of What You Think The Truth Is Worth,

We Would Like You To Know What We Charge.


Our Rates Start At

 $ 49.95

  Per Set Of Lyrics Reviewed.


Rates For Amateur Writers

For Writers Who Do Not Have Lyrics  Recorded And Released.

Yes, We Discount Our Professional Rates For Amateurs,

And Hope They Return As Professionals.


$ 49.95

  Identify Problems Only

$ 69.95

  Identify And Explain Problems

$ 99.95

  Identify, Explain, Suggest  Solutions


If you search the Internet, you will find other offers to review your lyrics.

However, if the offers involve other services, you should proceed with caution.

They initially attract you by offering lyric review at a ridiculously low price,

because they want a chance to sell you their other, more expensive services.


Any lyric-review service that charges less than we do,

can not afford to pay a qualified person,

 to spend the actual time required,

  to properly review your lyrics. 


In fact, our amateur rates only cover our costs. 


Our hopes are to guide you on your path 

to becoming a published writer,

and earn your trust along the way. 


We start making money when you start making money.

When you start sending us ten or twelve sets of lyrics at a time,

 and pay us our professional rates, for each set of lyrics,

we then show a fair profit.

( Click Here For Professional Rates )




Depending on which level of review you choose,

we tear your lyrics apart, send you a list of problems,

along with an explanation of each problem,

 and a logical solution for each problem. 



We Do Not Re-Write Your Lyrics.


We only show you what needs to be re-written, and why.


If you agree with us, you will do the re-writes, and end up

with lyrics that you can be proud to present.


 You Are Guaranteed.


If We Are Unable To Find

 Something Wrong With Your Lyrics,

  They Are Worth Recording !!! 


If You Are Serious About Your Lyrics,

You Will Send Them To Us,

For An Objective Review.







Warning !!!

In all fairness, we must inform you that the use of our service has caused recording sessions to be cancelled, writing partners to enter heated arguments, and bands to breakup, soon after reading our recommendations.

How ?

Producers have actually sent us lyrics without the writers, or the band members knowing.  As a result, the producers postponed all scheduled recording sessions, until all of our recommendations were accepted by the writers, and band members.

Writing partners have entered heated arguments because one of the partners sent us lyrics to review without the other partner knowing. The surprised partners usually feel violated, and initially resist our recommendations, until their prideful feelings pass, and their professional objectivity eventually reappears.

And yes, band members have gone their separate ways after reading our recommendations.  Why? Because in many cases, some of the band members agreed with our recommendations, and others did not agree with our recommendations.

In short, we cause change in awareness with each set of lyrics we review. Whether or not you agree, or disagree with our recommendations, your awareness will be altered.

You and your lyrics will immediately benefit. You and your lyrics will be viewed differently, by all of your production team. Most importantly, you and your lyrics will reach your intended audience with more impact.





 Free Advice

Lyrics are always used to deliver a message of some sort. No matter what message you wish to deliver through your lyrics, you should always make sure that your lyrics do not need an explanation before the  message is understood by the listener. When writing, lyrical clarity should be your primary goal.

When the writing is complete, and after the song is recorded, vocal clarity should be your primary goal.

As you know, lyrics are delivered by vocals riding on instrumentation. The vocals should always be placed forward in the final mix, and not buried behind, or forced to compete with, the drums, or any other elements of the instrumentation, for the attention of the listener .

If your lyrics ever end up buried in the final mix, and they cannot be heard clearly, and understood quickly, on the first listening, it is because the producer did not understand the purpose of lyrics, in general, or the producer decided that your lyrics should be hidden. The only reason lyrics should be hidden is that they deserve to be hidden.  Think about it.

We can save you the embarrassment of having your lyrics rejected completely, or accepted and eventually buried in a final mix.  It's your reputation at stake. Don't let your pride stand in the way of your good judgment. As previously stated, your lyrics have a life of their own, and you are the only one who can make sure that they receive the attention they deserve.






Final Sad Fact

When You Become Involved With Songwriting,

You Also Become Involved With

The Music Business.


Those that have been involved with the music business for any length of time always remind the newcomers that the term "music business" is comprised of two separate words whose definitions seem to compete.


As a songwriter, you almost always view your listeners as your audience, however, if you really understand that you are also in the music business, you must also view your listeners as your customers.


It follows that you must always be true to your nature and be honest with your listeners, but if you don't package your material in a way that can be properly promoted and sold to your customers, you will soon discover that you will never really be a part of  the music business.


If you can't reach your listeners, you really don't have an audience. Your choices are very limited. If you choose not to conform to the business requirements, you are destined to live a life of creative frustration.


The term "music business" will always be comprised of two separate words, and you will almost always be forced to compromise, especially in the beginning.


The Degree Of Compromise

 Becomes The Central Issue.


If you are meant to survive in the music business, you will find a way to balance the contradicting requirements that will always seem to pull you in different directions.


Achieving The Balance

Between Business And Music

Will Launch Your Career.







If You Are Still Reading,

There Is A Good Chance That

You Just Might Be Interested

In Having Your Lyrics Evaluated.



We Suggest That You Send Us

Only One Set Of Lyrics

 To Acquaint Yourself With Our Service.



Send Us What You Think Is Your Best

 And Cut Right To The Chase.



 Let Us Show You What We Do Best,

By Evaluating What You Think Is Your Best.



Select The Level Of Evaluation

You Wish To Receive

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Rates For Amateur Writers

For Writers Who Do Not Have Lyrics Recorded And Released.

Yes, We Discount Our Professional Rates For Amateurs,

And Hope They Return As Professionals.


$ 49.95

  Identify Problems Only

This Level Of Evaluation Only Identifies Existing Problems With Brief Comments.

Click On The Buy-Button Below To Select This Level Of Evaluation.






$ 69.95

  Identify And Explain Problems

This Level Of Evaluation Identifies Existing Problems And Explains The Problems In Detail.

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$ 99.95

  Identify, Explain, Suggest Solutions

This Level Of Evaluation Identifies Existing Problems, Explains Them In Detail, And Suggests Solutions.

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  Thank You For Visiting




Our service is nothing more than valuable information, and since there is no way to return information once it is communicated, all sales must be final. Unethical customers in the past have made this policy necessary. By proceeding with your purchase, you acknowledge that you agree with, and accept, the no-contest, no-refund terms as described above.